Roaming SIM cards

SanCom offers ultimate roaming SIM card with a set of unique features. It allows vastly reduce voice and data expenses while traveling as well as save on expensive long distance calls. With our cards we will provide you with:

Call Off-Load: The landline or mobile Call-Back which allows customers to be called back on a local landline or mobile. For example, a customer in the UK who would want to call Latvia, is now able to request a Call-Back to their direct line in the UK. The call is triggered using the users SIM card, and is billed to the customer's  SanCom mobile account.

Call-Forwarding:  Call forwarding service uses advanced technology in order to optimize the cost of Call Forwarding. Like most GSM networks, unconditional Call Forwarding (CFU) or on no response (CNFR), is charged to the user at the regular cost to terminate the call to the forwarded destination, but unlike most cellular or roaming SIM providers, SanCom’s Call Forwarding does not charge the cost of a standard roaming incoming call, instead you only pay the termination cost.

VoIP: As soon as you have good Wi-Fi connection you can eliminate roaming completely keeping your mobile number available for incoming and out going calls – VoIP client installed in your smartphone allows you to call with local rates and its always FREE to receive calls, no matter who is calling you.