We are introducing GARD - the professional satellite tracking system.

GARD consist of:

- a high-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS locator beacon with built in microphone that uses specially developed algorithms to respond to different events and equipped with high-capacity rechargeable battery
- web based platform for tracking objects in a real time with alerting functions which is accessible from a mobile phone or computer
- data exchange service between the platform and a locator beacon



The system has been designed taking into consideration the practical usage features of:

- individual travelers
- tour groups
- school and tour itineraries
- parents and children
- the elderly
- skiers and climbers
- pets
- car owners
- carriers of cargo and other valuable objects

Main features of the system:

- intuitive web based interface for tracking and control of the locator beacon
- extremely small size of the locator beacon: 40x20x10mm
- 99 channel GPS/GLONASS last generation receiver
- built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 600 data transmission sessions during a single charge
- the ability to connect a locator beacon to external power supply from 9V to 36V without additional converters
- adjustable motion sensor that provides security functions
- setup of notifications to detect motion start and stop
- cover for carrying a locator beacon on a belt or attachment to the pet's collar
- data transmission in GMS networks, using the signalling channel
- providing services anywhere in the world at a single fixed price